Check out the FIRST (and FREE) virtual drinks we’ve seen created. I designed them in January 2021 for online parties held in February (often called “Feb Club” parties by a number of different organizations). Here is a link: These virtual objects will follow your hand!

a person holding a virtual beer mug with the words "Feb Club" on the mug

To use them, you need to download the free Snap Camera software ( from SnapChat. Then use the “Search Lenses” function with the Lens Links for the lens you want. (You can grab the links to the mug and glass from the webpage first listed above. We’ll give you more links as we get them.) FYI, Snap “Lenses” are similar to Zoom “filters”.

A hand holding a virtual champagne glass with the words "Feb Club" on the glass

To use Snap lenses for an online virtual event: When you use Zoom or other video conferencing software, you must pick Snap Camera as your webcam. Note, a real webcam can only connect to one software application at a time. So if you have your webcam linked to Snap Camera, the webcam cannot connect directly to Zoom or any other video software. However, a virtual camera like Snap Camera can connect to many video applications at once.

You can create your own virtual objects using Snap’s free Lens Studio software ( If you do, let us know!